Watkins Firm with Clemson

Watkins Firm with Clemson


Watkins Firm with Clemson


By Keith McGonigle.

Sammy Watkins, the state of Florida’s top receiver and one of the Clemson’s most prized recruit, says that the news of Coach Napier and Powell being dismissed does not affect his decision at all,

“It really doesn’t matter to me.  As long as Coach Swinney and Coach Brad Scott and his son are still there I’m good.   I’m not changing schools.  Clemson is the school I’m going to and playing at for four years.”

Does Watkins know of what the future plans are for Clemson’s offensive coordinator?

“They let me know they are bringing in a top dude, and they would letting me know who it is tomorrow.  They said it is a guy that ran a top offense in college football last year. The plan is for the offense next year to revolve more around the spread. They will keep a lot of receivers on the field and less tight ends.  We have the number one receivers from Florida and South Carolina so they are going to get us the ball in the open field and help us make plays”

The 6’1” 180 lbs. playmaker says he plans on taking his official visit to Clemson sometime this month after the Army All-American,

“I just arrived today for the game.  We got our new shoulder pads, cleats and equipment and signed some autographs.  It has been a lot of fun we have just been chilling, joking around, playing games and eating ice cream.  I will get a feel for how/where they will be using me in the game after we start practicing.  We have a lot of receivers so I am not sure what their plan for me is yet.  My goal is to just catch a couple of balls, score and get the win.”

Tiger fans can catch an early glimpse of verbal commits Sammy Watkins and WR Charone Peake, Saturday January 8th at 12 pm on NBC.


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