Coaching Changes Weigh on Drew

Coaching Changes Weigh on Drew


Coaching Changes Weigh on Drew


By Derek Tyson, Picture Tim Casey.

Ray Drew is practicing for this weekend’s US Army All-American game.  Infusion Sports caught up with Ray at practice on Tuesday. 

The top defensive end will take an official visit to Clemson in January.

How does Ray feel about the coaching changes at Clemson?

“I just found out three minutes ago that coach Rumph was going to Alabama.  Coach Rumph was one of the coaches that I had a close relationship with at Clemson.  He was the one recruiting me from there.  There is just a lot going on.  That is the nature of the game.  If you look at what is going on at Florida, what is going on at Michigan.  You have people moving around but that is the game.  As a recruit it weighs on you.  It gets down to time to make your decision and all of these things that play into your final decision blow up and go all out of place.  You have to sit down and think about stuff again all over,” replied Drew.

How hard does that make the decision?  Are you looking at the school, the coaches?

“For me personally it is going to come down to academics because football is not going to last forever.  Second it is going to come down to relationships and do I feel comfortable with who is going to be coaching me.  Third it will be playing time.  I am a player.  If you love football the way you say you do you would rather be on the field than the sideline,” replied Drew.

Do you know what you plan to major in?

“Communications,” replied Drew.

How hard is it watching the guys that have been recruiting you for the past year getting fired or moving to another school?

“Like I said it is the nature of the business.  You can’t really fault the coaches for moving around.  You look at John Chavis who was at Tennessee forever and now he is at LSU.  When I talked to him he said he planned to be there for a while but you never know.  Like the opportunity that presented itself to Chris Rumph.  Money might have been better, economic times for his family.  That is another thing.  It is not just about him.  It is not that he is being selfish.  He has something other than himself to look after.  He has a wife Ms. Keely.  He has his two sons.  You can’t blame a man for wanting to take care of himself and his family,” said Drew.

Has Ray talked with coach Rumph?  Will you talk to him to get his input?

“I will.  I talked with him not long ago.  This was before the news.   It was when I setup my official visit for Clemson.  I more than likely will talk to him about it and see what his reasons were for it,” replied Drew.

How do you feel about Clemson?

“Clemson is a nice place.  It is a very humble feeling there.  Not only with coach Rumph, but with coach Steele and well coach Napier is no longer there.  Coach Swinney, I have seen a lot of similarities between him and coach Richt.  All of them have the same as far as what they want to base their program around.  With them being the type of people they are they are going to do what they think is best for the program and they are going to get in the top people that they believe are going to move their program forward,” said Drew.


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