Dabo Visits MacLain, Talks Morris

Dabo Visits MacLain, Talks Morris


Dabo Visits MacLain, Talks Morris


Clemson verbal commitment Eric MacLain got a visit on Tuesday from the Clemson staff.  Topic number one was the coaching changes in Tigertown.

“Coach Swinney and coach Brooks came by on Tuesday,” said MacLain.

Dabo updated the prize recruit on the search for a new offensive coordinator.

“We really talked about the offensive coordinator.  He told me that he had interviewed the coach from Tulsa.  He said he felt real comfortable with him.  He said by the end of the day he wanted to be at Clemson.  It sounded like he will be the guy,” said MacLain.

How did the top tight end feel about the coaching changes?

“I was pretty disappointed, but I have been there before.  Tennessee has had two coaches.  It is a business.  You can’t really get attached to the coaches in this business.  They will go where the money is better or they will be let go to make the team better,” replied MacLain.

Eric has already done some homework on Chad Morris.

“I saw where he led them to the third ranked offense in the nation.  He uses the tight ends pretty well.  I am excited.  I trust Dabo,” said MacLain.

Next weekend the Shrine Bowl standout will take his official visit to Clemson.

“I am going up on the 14th.  The family is coming and my grandparents,” said MacLain.

The official visit will allow a close 2011 class to become even closer.

“I think they will all be there.  It will be a good chance to meet everyone.  We already have a tight class.  We are closer than usual already.  Once we get on campus and hang out every day we will really be a special class.  We are going to handle things well and help the program get where they want to be,” said MacLain.

The talented athlete took his skills to the court Wednesday night.

“We won by 20.  I had 12 points and 11 rebounds,” said MacLain.


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