Williams: "I am not going anywhere"

Williams: "I am not going anywhere"


Williams: "I am not going anywhere"


By Keith McGonigle, Robert MacRae.

For verbal commit DeShawn Williams the last week had to be especially tough.  He lost his recruiting coach, Coach Powell, and his defensive line coach, Coach Rumph, but luckily for Tiger fans he is still coming to Clemson,

“It was shaky at first, but now okay.  I guess it just happens in college football.  I have never been a part of it.  I am now just stepping into the business of football.  Coach Rob and my mom sat me down and said this is always where you wanted to play.  Last night I couldn’t sleep until like 3 am. I was like they were right. I love Clemson. I am not going anywhere,” said Williams.

How tough is it to lose coaches that he had good relationships with?

“You really don’t want to see any coaches’ leave, I kind of felt that someone had to go but I didn’t think it would be Coach Powell.  He came to a lot of my high school games.  I think Coach Powell will bounce back and find another job. It’s going to be kind of weird not seeing him there. ”

Coach Powell told DeShawn to stick with the Tigers.

“I talked with the Clemson coaches.  Coach Powell told me to stick it out with Clemson.  They want me here to change things. I can help stop the run.  I can help this great defense we are going to have next year,” said Williams.

DeShawn says that he has formed a great relationship with coach Brooks.

“I think everybody knows if Coach Brooks goes anywhere I will go with him.  He told me not to worry and to just come here and work hard and help the defense out.  Coach Brooks is my main guy, I feel like he has been coaching me all my life, I’m real close with him.”

Unfortunately the 6’1” 302 lbs. defensive lineman did not make the Shrine Bowl roster.

“They snubbed me it is a bunch of politics.  That will just make me angry; make me hit the weights a little harder,” said Williams.

Look for DeShawn to impress in track and field, where he is ready to compete for the 3A state shot put title.

DeShawn wanted to make sure everyone knows he is firm with the Tigers once again.

“I am not going anywhere. I am 100 percent with Clemson.  I am a tiger fan inside and out,” said Williams.


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