Watkins Solid, But Planning Other Visits

Watkins Solid, But Planning Other Visits


Watkins Solid, But Planning Other Visits


By Derek Tyson.

Sammy Watkins told Infusion Sports on Wednesday that he remains firm with the Tigers, but he does plan to take all five of his official visits.

How does Sammy feel like he is doing at the US Army All-American practices?

“I feel like I am doing great.  I am practicing great and looking great so I am alright,” said Watkins.

The All-American says he remains firm with Clemson, but says he wants to see what others have to offer.

“Right now I am solid.  I don’t think I am going to change.  I am just going to see what everyone has to offer.  After that I am still stickinig with Clemson,” said Watkins.

How many visits does Sammy expect to take?

“I am still going to take my five visits.  I just want to have fun.  I want to see what all the other schools are about except Clemson. That is the only school I have been to.   I have only been to Clemson and Michigan,” said Watkins.

One of those visits will be the Florida where his brother plays.  Florida just hired Aubrey Hill as their receivers coach.  Sammy had built a strong relationship with Hill when he was at Miami before his commitment to the Tigers.

The other schools are not yet determined.


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