Seckinger Still Solid with Tigers

Seckinger Still Solid with Tigers


Seckinger Still Solid with Tigers


By Keith McGonigle.

The dismissal of Coach Napier and Coach Powell has caused a lot of turmoil in Tiger nation.  Like Clemson fans, many recruits were very surprised by the news, including 6’5” 200 lbs. WR Stanton Seckinger.

“With me being a receiver I knew Coach Napier pretty well.  He is a great guy and I looked forward to talking to him every time I came to Clemson.  He is a great coach and quality guy but I’m sure the Clemson coaching staff thought they made the best decision for the future. I’m not going to argue about it they had a lot more information and they know what is best for the program,” said Seckinger.

Fortunately, Stanton and many of the recruits have not swayed from their commitment.

“I heard from the receiver coach, Coach Scott he put me at ease.  It will be interesting to see what happens but ultimately it has not affected my commitment,” said Seckinger.

Why has his commitment still solid?

“I have been told that Coach Scott spot is secure, that is real important to me and really put me at ease.  I have a great relationship with Coach Scott, I know him the best out of all the coaches.  I will also have a chance to talk more to talk with some of the coaches this Thursday when they come to visit my house,” replied Seckinger.

Stanton plans on taking his official visit the 14th of January.  Has he discussed the changes with other recruits?

“As of right now I haven’t talked to many other recruits, I think everyone is fine but I haven’t talked to that many,” said Seckinger.

What is the playmaker from Charleston looking for in a new offensive coordinator?

“Obviously I would love to see a coach that runs the spread offense it will be interesting to see, something tells me they will get a coach that runs more of a spread.  It would be good to utilize all the skill players we are bringing in to the program,” said Seckinger.

Stanton just finished playing in an all-star game that may draw similar interest as the Army All-American game and Under Armour All-American game in the future.

“This past week I was at the NUC All-World Gridiron Classic. They put together an All-American invitational, and they are trying to make it the 3rd big high school all-star game. I participated in it this week.  Kids from across the nation and even some from Canada and Croatia participated.  It was a lot of fun.  It was tough playing with a bunch of people you haven’t jelled with, but it is always a tough situation in these all-star games. I had one pass thrown to me way over my head but overall it was still a good experience.”



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