Townsend Discusses Commit to Tigers

Townsend Discusses Commit to Tigers


Townsend Discusses Commit to Tigers


By Derek Tyson, Picture Tim Casey.

Just minutes after giving a verbal commitment to the Clemson Tigers Lateek Townsend spoke with Infusion Sports. 

Townsend selected the Tigers over South Carolina and LSU.

“I had to go with it.  That was my gut feeling.  I prayed on it.  No matter where I go I am going to bust my ass, no matter where I go.  I prayed about it and prayed about it and that is where the lord led me to,” replied Townsend. 

Why did the All-American select Clemson?

“I stay in a rural community.  Clemson is in a rural community.  A lot of other schools that looked at me were in the city.  I had to put myself in that environment if I was to go to one those schools.  Going to Clemson it will be just like staying at home,” replied Townsend.

Lateek isn’t concerned with the recent coaching changes at Clemson.

“Coach Steele is still there.  He is going to be there a long time,” said Townsend.


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