Florida Gets 10 from Anthony, Clemson Next

Florida Gets 10 from Anthony, Clemson Next


Florida Gets 10 from Anthony, Clemson Next


5-star linebacker Stephone Anthony played in the Under Armour All-American game this week and then traveled to the University of Florida for an official visit.  

The top linebacker enjoyed the Under Armour experience in Orlando.

“It was awesome man.  It was really fun.  I had a great time down there.  I got to compete against the best players in the nation and we just had fun,” said Anthony.

The highlight of the Under Armour experience wasn’t on the field for the prize recruit.

“The highlight was going to Disney.  I had never been there,” said Anthony.

“Man it was kind of one of those trips where you just go to get a feel for things.  Me and my parents took it slow and got a feel for things all over again.  We got to see how things are down there now.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Coach Muschamp is a great guy.  The staff seems to be the way he wants it and everyone is very excited about the future,” said Anthony.

How did the All-American rate the Florida visit on a scale of one to ten?

“I would probably give it a 10 because my parents really enjoyed it.  Everything seems okay down there with the new staff.  Everybody is really excited about the change,” replied Anthony.

What was the highlight of the visit?

“It was just being around the guys and seeing how they fell about it. With the coaching change nobody left or transferred.  Everybody is excited about the future,” replied Anthony.

The 5-star linebacker will take an official visit to Clemson next weekend.

“I just want to go up there and have a good time.  I want to see some things I haven’t seen yet.  I want to get around the guys and see how they feel about things,” said Anthony.

Is teammate Brandon Ellerbe still going to visit Clemson with Stephone?

“Yeah, Brandon will be there,” replied Anthony.

How much have the two teammates talked about playing together on the next level?

“We are not really concerned with that.  Brandon is going to play football and so am I.  If we end up at the same place great, but we aren’t really concerned with that,” replied Anthony.

When asked when he will make his decision, Anthony responded, “It will still be on signing day, February 2.”


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