When Will Bryant Arrive at Clemson?

When Will Bryant Arrive at Clemson?


When Will Bryant Arrive at Clemson?


Is Martavis Bryant just days away from enrolling at Clemson?  What is the timeline for his arrival?  TheClemsonInsider.com spoke with Martavis and we’ve got the answers.

“I will be coming to Clemson not this Tuesday, but the next.  I come back home on Thursday for good.  I can’t wait to get there,” said Bryant.

The question all Clemson fans want to know is if Martavis will qualify to enroll in January.

“I am good to get in,” said Bryant.

Coach Brad Scott spoke with his prize recruit last week.

“I talked with coach Brad Scott earlier this week.  He talked about my exam I have this week.  It is exam week here,” said Bryant.

How did the top receiver respond to the news of the hire of Chad Morris and the move to the spread offense?

“That sounds good to me,” replied Bryant.

Martavis should be ahead of the other receivers coming in this summer because he will be able to participate in spring practice.

“I get a better chance to learn the playbook.  I will be able to get comfortable with the program,” said Bryant.

Although the Tigers certainly could have used Martavis in 2010, the time at Hargrave should make him a better player when he steps on the field for the first time in Death Valley.

“I think it will help me.  When I came up here I wasn’t sure.  It helped because I learned how to be away from home and take care of my academics.  I got to learn the speed of the game.  I played with a good quarterback this year,” said Bryant.

The former All-American has put on some weight this semester.

“I have gained about ten pounds,” said Bryant.

Martavis has been keeping in touch with his future quarterback.

“I talk with Tajh some.  He is ready to get me there.  He says he looks forward to throwing with me.  We threw some over the summer before I came up here,” said Bryant.



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