2012 OL Leamon Has In-state Offers

2012 OL Leamon Has In-state Offers


2012 OL Leamon Has In-state Offers


By Keith McGonigle.

With most of Clemson’s current offensive lineman being upper classmen, coach Brad Scott and the Tigers are going to be looking to add a lot of depth the O-line in the coming years.  At 6’6 ½” 265 lbs., 2012 offensive tackle recruit Javarius Leamon is a prospect a lot of schools are going to have their eyes on next year.

“I have scholarship offers from South Carolina, and Clemson, but I’m going to be looking at schools in the SEC and ACC and a couple more schools,” said Leamon.

What does the South Carolina native like about Clemson?

“Clemson is a small town like my town, Woodruff, and I also like the coaches,” replied Leamon.

Javarius says that he does not have a favorite school right now but says he knows the number one thing he will be considering when looking at school.

“I am looking for a school that can provide a good education, and a school where I maybe can start early,” said Leamon.

How did the big offensive tackle do this year with the Woodruff Wolverines?

“My season went good, we made it to upper state. I had 66 pancakes in total I can’t remember how many knockdowns I had,” replied Leamon.

The talented junior says he has not thought visiting schools for junior day and his focus is primarily on basketball right now.


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