Minute with Marlin - Miami Visit, Morris

Minute with Marlin - Miami Visit, Morris


Minute with Marlin - Miami Visit, Morris


By Marlin Lane.

Clemson verbal commitment Marlin Lane, one of the top running backs in the nation, is doing a diary with TheClemsonInsider.com.  In this edition Lane discusses his conversation Tuesday with Chad Morris, his trip to Miami and much more!

It was a good visit.  We pretty much just sat around and got the information from the coaches.  We ate all day.  I got to hang out with the players on Saturday.  We played some NBA on Play Station 3.

It was real nice down there. I really enjoyed eating on the island.

I just got off the phone with coach Morris about 20 minutes ago.  He just told me about the scheme he is bringing to Clemson and everything.  He told me he wanted me up there at Clemson.  He said he would tell me more this weekend.  He seemed like a cool guy.

I will be coming to Clemson this weekend.  My dad and brother are coming up with me.  We will probably leave Thursday night.  I am not sure yet when we will leave.

I just want to get up there and talk with the new coaches. 

I am still committed to Clemson.  Nothing has changed.  Everything is pretty much the same.


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