Watkins: "He is a great offensive coordinator"

Watkins: "He is a great offensive coordinator"


Watkins: "He is a great offensive coordinator"


By Keith McGonigle.

There is a lot of excitement building around next year’s new offense under offensive coordinator Chad Morris.  it will be like watching a whole new team, it will be different for all the players too, who will be learning a new offense, standout verbal commit Sammy Watkins might have said it best,

“We are all going to be learning a new system, so it won’t be just me and the freshman coming in and having to catch up, all the current players are going to be in the same situation,” said Watkins.

The 6’1” 180 lbs. receiver says he looks forward to meeting Coach Morris.

“I haven’t talked to him yet but I know he is a great offensive coordinator, he runs and throws the ball a lot and he tries to get the ball in the hands of the playmakers 6-7 times a game.  He will be coming down and visiting my home in a couple weeks,” said Watkins.

What plans do they have for Sammy in the offense?

“I’ll play where ever I fit in.   I’m pretty sure they are going to use me in a bunch of places and use me as a deep threat.  They are going to try and get me the ball 6-7 times a game,” replied Watkins.

Whens the official visit for Sammy and what is he looking forward to?

“I’m taking my official not this weekend, but the next.  I just want to go out there have a good time, and talk to coaches,” replied Watkins.

The Fort Meyers native participated in the Army All-American bowl last weekend with along with Charone Peake, he was targeted a few times and was open, but was over thrown,

“We didn’t have that much chemistry but it was a good time.  It was just a bunch of competitive natured guys having fun no one was persuading guys to go anywhere we were just competing,” replied Watkins.

How was the level of competition?

 “It was not too much of a change, I think it was harder for the defensive lineman and offensive lineman. I thought Corey Moore (Georgia Commit) and Wayne Lyons (Stanford Commit) both stood out,” replied Watkins.

What did Sammy think about his future teammate Charone Peake?

“He is the same type of guy as me, I may be a little faster, but he is very physical, good body size, I think me, him, and DeAndre Hopkins, and the other young receivers can completely change the system at Clemson,” replied Watkins.



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