Rallied Through Break - Back in Action

Rallied Through Break - Back in Action


Rallied Through Break - Back in Action


By Georgia Anderson.

While we had a month off of classes, it was no full-time break from Rally Cats for the majority of us.  With several holiday basketball games and the bowl game in Charlotte, we stayed in the habit of rallying.  I was one of six girls that were able to travel to Charlotte for the game, and it was a great experience.  We may not have come out with a win, but it was great to see Tajh step it up when Kyle was injured and to see the team fight until the end. 

As far as the holiday basketball games went, there were fewer of us representing the team but we were no less excited about cheering the Tigers to victory.  Band or no band, rain or shine, and five Rally Cats or fourteen we did everything we could to support the team and entertain the crowd at timeouts.

Now that we are back full time we will be starting a regular practice schedule, getting back into morning workouts, and pumping up the crowd at basketball games.  Fans can look forward to several exciting half time routines choreographed by various members of the team, one of which will be our annual valentines half time routine with fourteen lucky guys! 

In addition to putting together half time routines, we will be putting lots of focus on preparing for NDA nationals.  After some transitioning and adjusting last year, we are looking forward to another appearance in Daytona, FL this year.   Nationals will take place April 6-10 and it will be work, work, and work until then.  Stay tuned to hear more updates on our progress and details on our nationals showcase, college prep clinics, and various other events!



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