Couldn't Have Gone Better for Jarrett

Couldn't Have Gone Better for Jarrett


Couldn't Have Gone Better for Jarrett


Future Tiger defensive end Grady Jarrett says his official visit to Clemson couldn’t have gone any better.

How did Grady enjoy the official visit to Clemson?

Jarrett: The visit went great. I had fun with a lot of the guys. It couldn’t have gone any better.

Who came with Grady on the visit?

Jarrett: My mom and my little sister came.

What was the highlight of the visit?

Jarrett: It was probably when we went to the stadium and put the jerseys on and came down the hill.

How did the visit rate on a scale of one to ten?

Jarrett: I would give it a ten.

How did your parents enjoy the visit?

Jarrett: She loves it up there just as much as I do. They had a blast.

What did you do Saturday night with your player host?

Jarrett: We just hung out. Me and another recruit hung out and went around to see what was around Clemson.

Tell us about the conversations with the coaches?

Jarrett: It was good. I got to meet coach Hobby and coach Morris. They showed me love like always. Dabo just told me he is looking forward to getting this special class together.

What are your thoughts on your good friend Marlin Lane’s situation?

Jarrett: I am totally committed. I wish Marlin the best. I wish we could have gone to Clemson together.



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