MacLain Gives Trip A+

MacLain Gives Trip A+


MacLain Gives Trip A+


By Keith McGonigle.

Eric MacLain, the highly rated tight end out of Jack Britt High School, was one of 20 recruits on hand this weekend for an official visit to Clemson.

 How did Eric MacLain enjoy the official visit to Clemson?

Maclain:  It was awesome. I went up with my dad, mama, brother and my grandparents. 

How did your parents enjoy the visit and what grade would you give the visit?

 MacLain:  They loved the visit.  I would definitely give the trip an A+.

 What were the highlights of the visit? 

MacLain: Meeting Coach Morris in person and having Jeff Pagen commit!

What did Coach Morris and the other coaches talk to you about?

MacLain: I met with Coach Morris and went over the offense for about an hour this morning, and we spent all Saturday together.  The coaching staff said that they can’t wait for me to get there.  They told me to keep working hard.


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