Perfect Visit for 5-star and His Parents

Perfect Visit for 5-star and His Parents


Perfect Visit for 5-star and His Parents


All-American linebacker Stephone Anthony visited Clemson over the weekend along with his parents.  Stephone was very impressed with the visits and his parents were even more impressed.

How did Stephone enjoy the official visit to Clemson?

Anthony: Man I enjoyed everything about it. I really had fun.

Who came with Stephon on the visit?

Anthony: My mom and dad came with me. They really like it.

What was the highlight of the visit?

Anthony: The highlight was just letting my parents see Clemson. My parents really enjoyed everything.

How did the visit rate on a scale of one to ten?

Anthony: I would rate it a 10. The atmosphere was great. I enjoyed it. It was great just to be around all of the guys.

How did your parents enjoy the visit?

Anthony: They loved it. They liked everything from Vickery Hall to the stadium to the people. It is really like a family.

What did you do Saturday night with your player host?

Anthony: We just hung out. We played cards and played video games.

Tell us about the conversations with the coaches?

Anthony: It went well. I had a chance to talk to coach Swinney about the visit. He wanted to see how everything went.

Are you any closer to making a decision?

Anthony: Yes sir. I am breaking it all down. I am letting some of the coaches know whether I am coming or not. I am heading to Virginia Tech next weekend, then to North Carolina. I will have my decision after I visit Carolina.



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