Seckinger Enjoys Meeting Future Teammates

Seckinger Enjoys Meeting Future Teammates


Seckinger Enjoys Meeting Future Teammates


Future Clemson receiver Stanton Seckinger visited Clemson for an official visit over the weekend.  How did Stanton enjoy the visit to Tigertown?

How did Stanton enjoy the official visit to Clemson?

Seckinger: It has been great. I am getting to know a lot of the guys that I didn’t really know.

Who came with Stanton on the visit?

Seckinger: My mom and dad came with me. They really enjoyed the visit.

What was the highlight of the visit?

Seckinger: I guess it was getting to know the guys from this class. I didn’t know many of them. All of yesterday was fun. The banquet was fun. Going into the locker room and seeing what it would look like with your stuff laid out was pretty cool.

How did the visit rate on a scale of one to ten?

Seckinger: I would say it was a 10. It is an awesome place. Every time I come to Clemson I love it.

How did your parents enjoy the visit?

Seckinger: ;I think they loved it to. They loved getting to meet the coaches. They loved coach Morris. They already knew coach Elliott but they enjoyed meeting him some more. They really enjoyed the trip.

What did you do Saturday night with your player host?

Seckinger: I went and hung out with my brother who is a senior here. One of his friends asked his girlfriend to marry him last night. They had a big engagement party last night.

Do you hear about any commitments this weekend?

Seckinger: No sir I didn’t.


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