Steward Gives Visit a 10

Steward Gives Visit a 10


Steward Gives Visit a 10


By Keith McGonigle.

Tony Steward, the nation’s top linebacker, visited Clemson this weekend for an official visit.  The prize recruit really enjoyed his visit to Tigertown.

How did Tony Steward enjoy the official visit to Clemson?

Tony Steward: I liked it pretty much the same feeling as before.  My little brother and mom went on the trip so it was good to have them there.

How did his family enjoy the visit?

Tony Steward:I think they enjoyed it a lot. They had heard a lot of good things, but it was a lot better being there in person, they had a good impression. 

What was the highlight of the visit?

Tony Steward: It was kind of just hanging out with other recruits and getting to know people.

Tell us about the conversations with the coaches?

 Tony Steward: They were very straight forward and very honest.  They just told me why they wanted me and what my role would be on the team.

How did the visit rate on a scale of one to ten?

Tony Steward: Probably a 10.

 Who was your player host and what did he tell you?

Tony Steward: Rashard Hall, he said pretty much the same as the Clemson staff.  He told me why he choose Clemson and why he thought I would fit in.

How are you going to separate Clemson and Florida St.?

Tony Steward:  I don’t know just trying to find a way to set them apart.  I have my Florida State visit next weekend.


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