Norton Impressed with Morris

Norton Impressed with Morris


Norton Impressed with Morris


By Keith McGonigle.

Ryan Norton, one South Carolina’s best offensive lineman and a very underrated national recruit, took a trip to Tiger town this weekend to see his future teammates and new coaches. 

How did Ryan enjoy the official visit to Clemson? 

Norton: I had a blast. I had a great time up there. It was great to meet the new coaches and everything. 

How would Ryan rate his visit? 

Norton: It had to be a 10. 

Who came with Ryan on the trip? 

Norton: Mother and her fiancé.  I’ve seen everything my mother hadn’t seen Vickery Hall or the dorms, so she was very, very impressed by everything. 

What was the highlight of the visit? 

Norton: I really enjoyed spending time with my host Dalton Freeman, and I liked the players’ banquet I thought it was really nice.  

Tell us about the conversations with the coaches? 

Norton: I talked to Coach Morris, I had talked to him on the phone and got to know him after he got hired, but it was good to talk to him in person.  I think he is great. He loves what he does, is really enthusiastic and he is definitely ready to get there and help Clemson for the better.   

I talked to the new running coach, Tony Elliott he seemed like a great guy.  I also talked to Coach Hobby, the new defensive coach he is pretty fun I thought coach Swinney, did a great job hiring three really good guys. 

Any advantages from playing in a spread offense in high school? 

Norton: My offense was a spread and it was fast pace so I think I will know a little more than some guys, but Coach Morris’ type of spread is a little different, he uses a lot of motion, and it’s all about timing it’s something I will have to get used to it.  At my high school the snap count was ‘down-set-hut’, [laughing] so it might take a little while to get used to.  But I think it may give me a slight advantage, playing a fast paced spread in high school.   

What did you think of the new recruits/guys you hadn’t met yet?

Norton: I talked to a lot of the recruits.  I tried to talk to all of them a little bit.  I am not going to single any guy out, because I thought everyone one of them is a good person and will come in and work hard and help Clemson. 



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