Rally Cat Report: New Semester, New Goals

Rally Cat Report: New Semester, New Goals


Rally Cat Report: New Semester, New Goals


By Nicole Smith.

Kicking it back up in full force is what the Rally Cats have been doing this past week. School work, workouts, practice and sleep are the only things that have been on all of our minds as we get ourselves re adjusted to the new semester.  We are all enjoying the little amounts of free time we have left, because after this weekend, practices pick up, games are constant, and workouts are a must.  Even though we have a very intense and busy schedule ahead of us, we are all looking forward to spending even more time with each other than we did last semester, and we look forward to growing together as a team.

We are currently in the process of learning a variety of different halftime performances that we will perform at the rest of the home basketball games. We are very excited that we will be able to dance more and show off our skills during all of these important games that are quickly approaching. On Tuesday, January 25th, we will be performing an entertaining hip hop routine that was choreographed by our very own Junior Captain, Christi King. It is great getting back into the swing of things with the team, and being able to learn fun, new, high energy halftime routines that we will be able to perform for the public. Since the basketball schedule is tightly packed into the next three months, we will constantly be learning new routines and perfecting them, so we look our best when we step out onto the court.

On top of the intense home basketball schedule, we are also hoping to travel to the ACC tournament with the team in mid March. If Clemson makes it into the tournament, six lucky Rally Cats will be traveling with them on the exciting journey, cheering them on every step of the way. Not only are we looking forward to that opportunity, but we are also looking forward to traveling to Daytona Beach in mid April for the NDA national competition! We have a lot of preparing to do for that competition, which is what our future weekends will consist of; Nationals practice!

As it was very exciting to watch the Tigers play at UNC this past Tuesday, we are all hoping to cheer the Tigers on for a Win when they have another match up in Littlejohn on Saturday, February 12th! However, we have three games that lead up to the UNC game that start next Tuesday, when the Tigers take on NC State in Littlejohn at 7pm! Come out and help us Rally Cats cheer on our Clemson Tigers, and enjoy a very entertaining hip hop halftime show performed by yours truly, The Clemson Rally Cats!



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