Behind the Scenes of an Official Visit

Behind the Scenes of an Official Visit


Behind the Scenes of an Official Visit


By Ashley Denny.

Clemson will host eight prospects for official visits this weekend.  No weekend can have a bigger impact on a recruits college destination than their official visit. takes you behind the scenes of an official visit.

Friday Afternoon arrival

  • After introduction of coaches and Clemson football staff members, prospects will then meet their player host for the weekend and parents will get set up at their hotel rooms.
  • A visit to Dabo’s home for some desert allows the staff to mingle with the players and their parents and to show the family atmosphere at Clemson


  • Eat breakfast
  • Coach Swinney and assistant coaches then give introductions and explain to prospects why Clemson is such a special place and their plans for the football team in the upcoming season.
  • Next the prospects and their families will take a bus tour of Clemson’s campus making their first stop at Vickery Hall
  • At Vickery Hall both the prospects and their parents will be given a tour of the building in which they will meet Vickery Hall employees who will stress to them the importance of academics at Clemson University and will explain to them the resources that are given to the athletes at Vickery Hall such as tutors, freshman study halls and so on.
  • After visiting Vickery Hall for about an hour, the prospects and their families will get back on the bus and travel to Lightsey Bridge Apartments, which are on-campus housing in which athletes live during their freshman year at Clemson. The recruits and their families will be given a tour of a freshman football player’s apartment in order to show them where they will be living if they do decide to attend Clemson.
  • After lunch at the WEZ, the recruits and their families will then take a tour of the West End Zone facility in which they will be shown several of the equipment room, training room, weight room and locker room.
  • After the WEZ tour, the prospects will then take the bus to the top of the hill at Death Valley Stadium and will be able to experience the 25 Most Exciting seconds in College football first hand as they touch Howard’s Rock and run down the hill just like the Tigers do on game day.
  • Saturday night the prospects will spend the evening with their player host.


  • After eating breakfast, the prospects will then have a chance before they leave to speak one on one with Coach Swinney about his plan for each prospect at Clemson and this will also give the prospects a chance to ask Coach Swinney any questions that they may have about the visit and or Clemson.


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