Steward: "I have to live with decision"

Steward: "I have to live with decision"


Steward: "I have to live with decision"


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney and several other Clemson assistants made a final push to land Tony Steward when they visited his home on Thursday.

“It went real good. We just sat down and had a good conversation.  We didn’t really talk much about football.  We talked about school, family and stuff like that,” said Steward.

Coach Swinney had a message for Tony before he left.

“He told me to go where I feel comfortable.  He said for me to make sure it is my decision.  I should go where I want to go and where I will enjoy myself,” said Steward.

Florida State will get the last chance to make a pitch in person.

“Coach Fisher and Florida State are coming by tomorrow,” said Steward.

Has the nation’s top linebacker reached a decision?

“No sir, hopefully I will by next week,” replied Steward.

After struggling with the decision for weeks there is not much separating the two Atlantic Division powers.

“I am pretty much going to go with my gut,” said Steward.

Who will be helping Tony with his big decision?

“My mom and Uncle George are helping me.  My mom wants me at Florida State.  My uncle is more open,” replied Steward.

The prize recruit has thought about what it would be like to stand up Wednesday and tell everyone he is leaving the state to be a Clemson Tiger.

“I have thought about it.  It is pretty hard to tell everyone you are going away.  You know you will disappoint a lot of people, but that is what happens in this situation.  They aren’t the ones that will have to live with the decision.  I am,” said Steward.

Tony plans to announce his college destination on ESPN at 10:00 on signing day.


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