Rally Cat Report

Rally Cat Report


Rally Cat Report


By Georgia Anderson.

The past few weeks have been hectic, as we’ve adjusted to new schedules and gotten back into the swing of school.  It’s safe to say though, things are finally becoming routine again.  Our morning workouts started back up this week, and our trainer was anything but easy on us at our first workouts of the semester.  While we may have hated being whipped into shape at 6:30 am, it feels good to be back at it.

Tuesday’s basketball game against NC State was an exciting win for the tigers.  They started out behind but kept the crowd’s attention all the way to the end when they managed to defeat the wolf pack.  We cheered them on throughout the game and tried to give the crowd some half time entertainment.  I look forward to seeing the Tigers get another win in this Saturday against FSU.  I’m also excited that we will be doing another half time routine this weekend.

The coming few weeks will be busy ones for the Rally Cats.  First off, our annual Rally Cat Valentines Day halftime just two weeks away!  The fourteen lucky guys dancing with us will have lots of practicing to do!  Not only will we continue preparing choreography for basketball games, but will also be beginning work on our national’s routine. 

We’re so excited about all that’s coming up this semester.  Don’t forget we will also be holding two college prep clinics, February 20 and February 27, both from 4pm to 7pm.  The clinics are open to high school students as well as current college students.  Keep in mind that try-outs will be held in April, and attending one or both clinics is a great way to prepare.  Check out the Rally Cat’s page on the Clemson Athletics website for more information!


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