Miller Wants to Finish the Job

Miller Wants to Finish the Job


Miller Wants to Finish the Job


By Trey McCurry. caught up with Clemson’s Brad Miller as he previewed the 2011 season.  Miller says the team is driven to get back to Omaha and win their final game this season.

On the bats:

We honestly don’t look into that. The bats are different, but it is still the same guys hitting. If you can hit, you can hit and you are still going to have to put the ball into play. You might see a little drop on some days or people question if it makes a big difference, but I honestly don’t think it will be that crazy. With the velocity still coming in, if you really get a hold of it the ball will still go. Its obviously something that is new, but I don’t think its much of a change. 

On the offense:

I think we have a lot of athletes. We have guys top to bottom that have played a big role the past couple years. It is exciting to have that experience which we haven’t had like my freshman year. It is good to have that many good players coming back. 

On his summer:

I think it was an opportunity to face some of the best pitching in the world and play with guys that have been successful. It was good to pick up some things and made me excited to get back to my team here in the fall and hit the ground running with them. 

On his improvement since last season:

I look at it like a process. You can’t show up one day and be done. It is every day showing up and continuing to work. I am excited for that opportunity and to get out here and get to work. 

On using last year as motivation:

Our ultimate goal is winning it all and anything short of that is a disappointment. That is how we feel. It was exciting to get to Omaha, but we realize when you don’t come away as the winner it is a disappointment. It will drive us this year.


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