Rally Cat Report: February Already?

Rally Cat Report: February Already?


Rally Cat Report: February Already?


By Nicole Smith.

February?? Already??  The Rally Cats cannot believe how fast this semester is flying by and how quickly events, games, competitions, and tryouts are approaching! We have loved every minute of the semester so far; basketball games are extremely exciting as they continue to keep us on our toes and keep us cheering till the last minute of every game. It was so exciting to see The Tigers come back from a loss against Florida State in December and show them how it is really done as they took a win against them on Saturday, January 29th. We hope the rest of the basketball games are just as exciting as we look forward to taking on Boston College on February 8th and UNC on February 12th!

Not only have the basketball games been exciting, but we have been trying our best to keep the halftime performances just as exciting and entertaining! We have been taking each practice day by day and making sure that each halftime performance is perfected and ready to perform on game day. Our new dances that we are currently working on, to be performed at our next two home basketball games are, a short, but very entertaining, hip hop number that will be performed during a timeout at the Boston College game and the infamous dance that always gets the team excited, the  “Valentine’s Day Dance.” The “Valentine’s  Day Dance” is a dance that the Rally Cats have done each year at a halftime of a basketball game that falls the closest to February 14th. This year, that game just happens to be when The Tigers get a second chance to show UNC who is boss! Each member of our team gets to choose one lucky guy to dance with them during the halftime performance. Although the guys tend to get extremely nervous, they always end up making it an unforgettable performance! This year, our Senior Captains have put together a wonderful Valentine’s Day themed dance that we cannot wait to share with the crowd during the UNC game!

Even though we have been making sure all of our halftime performances are perfected, we cannot forget about nationals in April! After the UNC game on Saturday, February 12th, we will have enough time to run and get food, then we will spend the rest of the afternoon learning our intense national’s choreography and we will wake up Sunday morning and spend the day learning more! Although that weekend will be packed full of dancing, and learning, we look forward to having a blast with the guys during our “Valentines Day Dance” and being able to end the weekend knowing that we are going to rock it at nationals with an awesome new routine!

The Rally Cats have a lot to look forward to in these next 3 months, and we are ready to put our best moves forward as we fill our already busy schedules with more practices, more workouts, and more performances!



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