Southerland Enjoys Junior Day

Southerland Enjoys Junior Day


Southerland Enjoys Junior Day


By Keith McGonigle.

A typical junior day at some schools consists of a handful of kids from around the country with different talent and interest levels.  Clemson’s first junior day of 2011 was differentin that theyonly had 15 recruits on hand.  Offensive lineman prospect Jacob Southerland was one of those in attendance.  How was the visit for the 2012 offensive lineman?

“It was good.  There were only 15 prospects there so we had a lot of time to meet with the coaches and get to know them,” said Southerland.

What were the day’s events?

“We went to the Clemson-FSU basketball game and saw Clemson play a great game and beat FSU.   After that we ate food, they fed us real good.  After that we kind of messed around with the coaches we played ping-pong and some madden and just got to know them.  To finish the day we ate dinner and looked at the locker rooms, and then touched Howard’s Rock and ran down the hill,” replied Southerland.

What was the message from the coaching staff?

“Coach Swinney just told us we could have had 200 kids come to junior day, but we only wanted to invite a select group of kids that we knew could play for us and are division one football players,” replied Southerland.

Highlight of the trip?

“The highlight was getting to run down the hill and touch Howard’s Rock.”

What are the top schools for the 6’4” 270 lbs lineman?

“I’d say Clemson, Georgia, Nebraska Wake Forrest, and Alabama and Tennessee, in no particular order.  I plan on taking visits to all of those schools,” replied Southerland.

The Georgia native was looking forward to talking with Coach Caldwell, but he was not in Clemson for the visit.

“I didn’t get a chance to meet Coach Caldwell, I wanted to get a chance to meet him in person.  He is a real funny guy, and when he was at Vanderbilt, he told me at I was the number one guard on his board.  Hopefully that is still the case,” said Southerland


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