2011 Class Offensive Preview

2011 Class Offensive Preview


2011 Class Offensive Preview


By Keith McGonigle.

Now that the 2011 recruiting class is complete we wanted to breakdown the 2011 class and preview the impact of this great class.  Today Keith takes a look at the Tiger’s 2011 offensive class. 

New offensive coordinator Chad Morris will some incredible talent to work into his offense next season.  The Tigers signed the No. 1 receiver class in the nation and brought in one of the nation’s best running backs and best tight ends.


Tony McNeal, 6’1” 190 Lbs, Chester HS

Ratings:  Consensus 3 star

Positives:  Quick release, accurate passer, very good arm for his size, natural passer, great fundamentals

Needs to work on:  Biggest concern is that he is only 6’1’ but it helps that he has an over-the-top delivery; Makes some risky off-balanced throws.

Upside: If McNeal was 2 or 3 inches taller he would probably be a 4 or 5 star QB.  I really like McNeal and I think it only helps that Clemson is switching to a spread offense.

Comparison:  Tajh Boyd (Clemson) 

Morgan Roberts, 6’4” 210 lbs, Charlotte County Day

Rating:  Consensus 2 star

Positives:  Good athlete that can run, good arm strength, accurate and puts the ball in good spots for his receivers, winner who led his team to multiple state titles.

Needs to work on:  Played in a weaker conference will have to adjust to a much greater level of competition.  

Upside: Underrated prospect, played in a spread offense so could come in and surprise people.

Comparison:  Willy Korn 

Cole Stoudt 6’4”, 200 lbs, Coffman High School

Ratings:  Consensus 3 star

Positives:  Very Accurate passer, stand tall in the pocket and looks very comfortable, good throwing on the run,

Needs to work on:  Does not have the strongest arm and relied on short quick passes will need to work on his down the field passing.

Upside: A coveted quarterback prospect, who already has great accuracy and mechanics.

Comparison:  Matt Cassel (Kansas City Chiefs)

Mike Bellamy, 5’10” 175 lbs, Charlotte- FL

Ratings:   Consensus 5 star

Positives:  Unbelievable production in high school, great speed and quickness, home-run threat every time he touches the ball.

Needs to work on:  Will probably need to add some weight to play at the college level (CJ Spiller was 5’10” 190 lbs entering Clemson.)

Upside: Bellamy looks like a player with a huge amount of upside.  It looks like he could be a big time playmaker similar to CJ Spiller.

Comparison:  Chris Johnson (Titans) 


Charone Peake, 6’3” 200 lbs., Dorman HS

Ratings:  Consensus 4 star – ESPN No. 1 Receiver

Positives:  Tall, fast, athletic, goes up and gets the ball, dangerous after the catch.  Everything you look for in a number one receiver.

Needs to work on:  It is tough to find negatives on his tape, but he could become a little more physical.  

Upside: Charone is a very hard player to contain, Charone is so big and fast, teams would give him a 15 yard cushion, but Charone would still beat them deep.  He can also make teams pay by catching short passes and running after the catch.  I am excited to see what Charone and the other young receivers can do next year.  I can see him getting significant playing time as a true freshman.

Comparison:  Kenny Britt (Titans) 

Sammy Watkins, 6’1” 180 lbs, South Fort Myers

Ratings:  Consensus 5 star

Positives:  Very fast and dangerous with the ball in his hands, impressive route running ability.

Needs to work on: Could get a little bigger and use his height more to his advantage.  

Upside: Lots of upside I would be surprised if Watkins does not have an impact as a true freshman.

Comparison: Jeremy Maclin (Eagles) 

Adam Humphries, 5’11” 176 lbs.  Dorman HS

Ratings:  Consensus 2 stars

Positives:  Great athlete who may end up playing defensive back, very quick, great route runner, solid runner in the open field, good hands.

Needs to work on:  Not track star speed, is only 5’11”.

Upside:  Clemson seems to have fallen in love with the 6 foot plus receivers, with 4.4 speed.  On paper those receivers are really exciting, but they have not worked out in the past few years.  I would much rather have a guy like Chansi Stuckey or Tyler Grisham, that is just a football player that knows how to get open.  Adam may not have unbelievable size or speed but has good hands and is a great route runner I think he will be an impact player for Clemson. 

Comparison:  Tyler Grisham 

Stanton Seckinger, 6’5” 200 lbs, Porter Guad High School

Ratings:  Consensus 2 stars

Positives:  Great size and height, surprisingly good body control and
quickness for a big receiver, incredible production (1800+ yards and 26
touchdowns receiving), makes some impressive catches.

Needs to work on: Not very fast and may not have played against top

Upside:  Very impressive player, who is versatile and could be much like a
Brandon Ford and end up at tight end.

Comparison:  Aaron Kelly (with better hands)


Eric MacLain, 6’5” 260 lbs, Jack Britt HS – NC

Ratings: Consensus 4 star

Positives:  Good hands, excellent blocker, really aggressive, plays until the whistle blows, huge target in the passing game and is pretty quick.

Needs to work on:  Not asked to catch the ball much, so it is hard to tell how much of a receiving threat he will be.  Not a burner.

Upside:  He has similar size and hands as Michael Palmer, so I think he will be a great fit for Clemson.  He is like an extra offensive lineman on the field that can also catch passes.

Comparison:  Michael Palmer (but a better blocker) 

Offensive Line

Shaq Anthony, 6’4” 260 lbs. Wren HS

Ratings: Consensus 3 star

Positives:  Great pass blocker, good feet, balance and technique. 

Needs to work on:  Not asked to run block a lot, needs to add weight and get stronger.

Upside:  Looks like a he will be a good tackle or guard.  Like most Clemson lineman I think he will have no problem adding strength and I think he will be a starter in two to three years. 

Isaiah Battle, 6’7” 270 lbs, Blue Ridge HS – Virginia

Ratings:  Consensus 3 star

Positives: Perfect height and build for a tackle, a good athlete, good awareness.

Needs to work on:  Needs to add strength.

Upside:  Isaiah has a lot of the characteristics that you look for in an offensive tackle.  He has great size, is a good athlete, and has long arms.  If the Clemson coaches can coach him up, he should be a very good player. 

 Ryan Norton, 6’4” 275 lbs, Mauldin HS

Ratings:  Consensus 3 star

Positives: Strong, aggressive blocker, has a mean streak, uses good leverage, excels in both the pass and the run.  Gets to the second level extremely quick, not a guy you want to be blocked by if you are a linebacker because he will make you look bad.

Needs to work on:  Not many holes in his game.  He may need to get bigger in order to handle some of the bigger defensive tackles.

Upside:  I think Ryan will be a great center for Clemson.  He looks amazing on tape; I am shocked that he is only a 3-star prospect. 

Spencer Region, 6’6” 330, Cullman HS –

Ratings:  Consensus 4 star

Positives: Already has great size and strength, dominate run blocker.

Needs to work on:  Was not asked to pull or move around a lot.  Could work on getting out in space, and making blocks on screens and sweeps. 

Upside:  Already has the size and strength and should see playing time early in his career when a spot opens up.



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