Where is the Drama?

Where is the Drama?


Where is the Drama?


The nation’s No. 1 player, Jadeveon Clowney, will announce on ESPN his college destination Monday morning at 10:15.  Clowney, ESPN and others have done their best to build drama for this announcement that is coming 12 days after signing day.

The only problem is everyone already knows where Clowney is going.  In fact he is going to the same place he has been going for the last year and a half. 

Although they also know where Clowney is heading, ESPN and other media outlets have continued to build the hype for the announcement.  Is this what college recruiting has come to?  If so it needs to change.

Clemson made a push for Clowney after getting him on campus the weekend before signing day, but was this really necessary?  Was there really ever any doubt that Clowney would sign with the Gamecocks?  Jadeveon made his final decision, which was the same as his original decision, last week.  Why wait till the following week so you can build drama and announce on national TV.  I’m sure ESPN would have come by to do an interview last week once Clowney started to let people know of his final decision.

National Signing Day should be just that, the day that players sign their LOI’s for their college destinations.  Life is all about making decisions and there are many times where you have to make decisions without prolonging the process.  There is no reason the Clowney’s, Brown’s and Pryor’s can’t make their decisions just like everyone else.

Make no mistake Clemson would have loved to have landed the nation’s No. 1 player.  They made a hard push for his services and he would have been a great addition to the defense to go along with the two  5-star linebackers.  The question is do the Tigers really need someone that is more about  “me” than “team”.  Clemson will be just fine with the five 5-star players that have signed with the Tigers.



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