Stadnik One of Top OL Targets

Stadnik One of Top OL Targets


Stadnik One of Top OL Targets


By Keith McGonigle.

Clemson has targeted many top offensive linemen from the 2012 class and it is clear that the Clemson coaching staff has made it a top priority to sign a number of 2012 offensive lineman.  West Guilford (NC) standout Brock Stadnik is one of the many offensive linemen that Clemson have been vigorously pursuing.  6’5” 285 lbs lineman says the recruiting has started to heat up,

“I have been pretty busy with the whole recruiting process, I got 13 scholarship offers right now and I just received an offer from Tennessee 10 minutes ago.  I have been talking to a lot of coaches and taking a lot of trips just trying to take every school into consideration”, said Brock.

Where does Clemson stand?

“I went there for a game and took an unofficial visit last summer.  The visit was nice, I met with Coach Swinney, took a tour around campus, I was able to try on jersey, and touch Howard’s rock,” replied Brock.

Any top schools?

“Right now I do have a top 5 or anything, I am going to give every school an equal chance.”

The top lineman said that he has taken close to 10 visits already, what does he look for on those visits?

“I really look at the Coaches and the football program.  I try to see how much they really want me, what direction their football program is headed and If they can elevate my game.  It is also important how comfortable I feel there.  I know all of the school I am looking at will be great academically.”

Who has been pursing Brock the hardest?

“Everyone has been pursing pretty hard, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Wake Forest, South Carolina and Tennessee have done a good job.”

Brock’s situation is a lot different than most recruits, Brock also has a twin brother, Clayton, that also plays offensive line and is being recruited at the same time; are they looking to go to the same school?

“We would love to play together, but at the same time we are going to what is best for both of us.  We have both been offered by ECU and Virginia Tech.



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