The Right Time

The Right Time


The Right Time


By Ashley Denny.

After 30+ years of coaching, Clemson’s former Offensive Line coach Brad Scott has decided to make the move from coaching to an Administrative position within the football office. Scott knew that this time would come one day however the death of his father in law earlier this year sped up the process.

Scott, who has been working at his new position for only a few days now, is very knowledgeable when it comes to Athletic Administration, as he earned his Master’s Degree at Florida State in this field. The transition out of coaching has been seamless so far for Scott, as he still works very closely with the football staff and with recruiting.

“After the death of my father in law, it became clear that my wife needed me more than ever,” Scott said. “And the coaching business consumes so much of your time, and at my age I knew it was time for a change.”

Scott has already noticed a change in his lifestyle, as he is now able to spend more time at home with his wife, and even catch the 6 o’clock news sometimes; something that he didn’t know existed before taking this position.

“What made my final decision was when Coach Swinney decided to make movements on the staff,” Scott said. “I thought that was the right time for me now to make the move from on the field coaching responsibility and allow a new coordinator to come in with a new line coach, give him a chance to learn the new system and the timing was just right for me to step back.”

Scott knows that Clemson’s got a fighting chance to have a great offensive line this year with several veteran players coming back and knows that stepping back was the right move. Instead of being selfish and waiting to move over to Administration until after his veteran linemen had graduated, he decided to let new offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell start off his career at Clemson with a solid group.

“College Football has been great for the Brad Scott family,” Scott said. “Raising two boys on the sidelines and seeing one of them grow into a great football coach and recruiter himself was very special for me as a father.”

Scott knows he will always look back at the successful 2011 recruiting class as one of his last classes and one of his son Jeff Scott’s first.

“This was a great class for our program,” Scott said. “The most exciting part for me as a father, was seeing Jeff’s expression when Tony Steward announced his commitment to Clemson, it was very rewarding to me.”

Although Scott will miss coaching and being on the field during games, he’s excited about his new position and how he will continue to be involved in Clemson’s football program.

“I’m going to be involved in managing our recruiting class and making sure that they have taken the classes needed to attend Clemson. I’m also going to help out with the phone calls, messages and dealing with recruiting, helping our staff stay on task with coaching and doing what they’re supposed to be doing by me helping out around the office.”

As for spring practice which is right around the corner, Scott knows that it’ll be different not being in the middle of practice, helping with drills.

“I’m going to try and have a plan the day Spring Practice starts,” Scott said. “May show up a little late and leave a little early, if I feel like I’m getting too emotionally involved. I’m looking forward to being a part of welcoming prospects and high school coaches; I’ll find something to do during practice.”

Scott left coaching with no regrets, knowing that he could handle the position change. He thought it out very carefully and is very appreciative to Clemson University for allowing him to stay within the program and be involved with the team and coaches.



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