Hard Work Will Pay Off

Hard Work Will Pay Off


Hard Work Will Pay Off


By Nicole Smith.

After a long weekend of strenuous dancing, cheering, learning, reviewing and remembering, all of us Rally Cats are extremely excited about our national’s choreography that we learned this past weekend. Nine hours of learning choreography flew by when we were all working hard, and trying to soak up all the information that we could from our guest choreographer from Las Vegas, Nevada! Although national’s is the main thing on all of our minds, we cannot forget about our two other halftime performances that are coming up within the next three weekends!

Sure enough basketball season has flown by; the team can’t believe that we only have two home games left in the season! We look forward to our next two halftime routines, they are sure to be high energy and very entertaining. Our Valentine’s Day halftime was a huge success and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it! All the boys that danced with us got a small taste of what we do during the week and how it feels to dance on the court in front of hundreds of people; they were very nervous to say the least, but they all did such a great job! After all the guys stepped off the court they were very relieved and happy with how the performance went, and they all hope they will be able to do it again next year!

As far as practices go, they have stepped up a notch on intensity level! Our national’s routine is full of advanced technical skills, very quick and sharp movements, and lots of different variety. All of these elements are challenging the team on all levels, but we are focusing on breaking down the routine part by part and section by section while dissecting each move and technical skill. As of now, we have approximately seven weeks until we leave for Daytona, and we will be working hard up until then! Our hard work will pay off in the end, and we look forward to doing our absolute best at NDA nationals! 

This weekend is not nearly as busy and crazy as last weekend, but we do have a College Prep Clinic that the Rally Cats are hosting! We hope that lots of girls will come out this Sunday (Feb. 20th) from 4pm to 7pm at the Jervey Athletic Center. We will be going over certain skills that are required to be a Rally Cat, and we will be teaching a few short routines! To register for the clinic go to the Clemson Athletic website and click on the Spirit Squad link. We hope to see YOU there!

Also, the Rally Cats are excited to announce our new T-Shirts that we are selling! The money raised from these T-Shirts will go toward our national’s budget and our overall budget. Support the Clemson University Rally Cats by buying an “I Love the Clemson Rally Cats” T-Shirt at the following link:





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