One-on-one with Brad Miller

One-on-one with Brad Miller


One-on-one with Brad Miller


Brad Miller went one-on-one with following the 7-6 loss to Eastern Michigan.

Miller went 1-3 with 2 walks on Saturday.  The Tigers fought back hard to erase a six point deficit, but then gave up the game winning run.

“We fought back hard.  That is the kind of intensity I know we are going to need to bring, about inning five through nine.  That is what we need to learn.  Yesterday was exciting with opening day, but we have to bring the same intensity every day regardless of if it is opening day, a mid-week game or the playoffs.  We have to bring the same intensity every game,” said Miller.

What will the Tigers take from a loss like Saturday’s?

“I think you just can’t take it for granted.  It is baseball.  Any time we are playing like I said I don’t care if it’s a regional, the worst team in the country, we have to play the same,” replied Miller.

How important is it for leaders like Brad to show the younger players how to handle losses like Saturday’s?

“For sure, yesterday I am sure everybody was excited to get a win but I guess that is what we have to learn.  It is a long season.  You have to control the ups and downs.  That is the game of baseball.  I guess just leading by example and showing them you have to take it at bat to at bat and pitch to pitch and just stay consistent,” said Miller.

Saturday was a good example of how the new bats will change the game this year.

“Yeah you have to do the same things.  You have to take the right cuts.  Maybe you look at say this would have happened or this would have happened but from our standpoint you still have to hit it the right way.  Jeff put a nice swing on the ball, Hinson put the ball in the gap.  They were swinging the right way.  We just have to focus even harder.  We need to try to hit balls the right way and square them up and they will still go,” said Miller.

Watch Miller discuss Saturday’s loss, the new bats, his leadership and more!


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