Elder Visits Clemson, Tigers Lead

Elder Visits Clemson, Tigers Lead


Elder Visits Clemson, Tigers Lead


6-2, 180 pound athlete Chaz Elder took an unofficial visit to Clemson on Friday.

“It was a good visit.  I talked with some of the coaches.  I got to talk with some of the players.  My position coach and his fiancé came with me,” said Elder.

Coach Cheese spent time with the College Park, GA standout during the visit.

“I talked with coach Cheese and coach Scott.  They told me more about Clemson.  Coach Cheese is cool.  He is a cool person,” said Elder.

What did the top defensive back see during his visit?

“I got to see the field and some of the campus.  I also got to see the WestZone,” replied Elder.

How many offers does Chaz have?

“I have three offers now.  Clemson, Ole Miss and Auburn.  Clemson offered me on Friday,” replied Elder.

When asked if he has a leader, Elder responded, “No, well maybe Clemson”.

Look for an early decision from the Georgia standout.

“I have no idea when I will make my decision, but it is not going to be long,” said Elder.

Chaz has two visits planned, including a return trip to Tigertown.

“I am going to see Tennessee soon.  I am going back to Clemson on March 5,” said Elder.


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