Sunday Leggett Postgame

Sunday Leggett Postgame


Sunday Leggett Postgame


By Trey McCurry.

Clemson head coach Jack Leggett met with after Sunday’s 5-1 victory over Eastern Michigan.

Coach Leggett discussed Sunday’s win, Brady’s impressive performance and the first series of the season.

On Kevin Brady:

He was really sharp. He threw the ball very hard and had a good breaking ball. He was in control and confident on the mound. It was good to see, we need to have him pick it up like that all season long. It would be an awesome pick-up for us. He was on top of his game. I was glad to see him being aggressive out there and being confident. 

On Spencer Kieboom:

Spencer’s offense keeps improving. He works at his game. He’s a contact hitter and puts the ball in play. He is one of those guys that is a good hit-and-run game, can bunt, and move the ball around. I like the way he plays the game. He is unselfish and does whatever he has to do to move the runners around. He played really well for us at the end of last season and that has carried over into the fall and spring. I’m really glad to see him stepping things up for us and hopefully he will continue that through the whole season. 

On the weekend:

We played maybe as good a game as you could play on Friday. We executed, hit, pitched well, and were fundamentally sound. The next day we just did not play as well. We had 11 men on base and could not get the big hit. If we get one more hit with men on base we win the ballgame. We pitched average and had a couple of innings that hurt us, but played well defensively. We just could not mesh everything together. Eastern Michigan played well and they are a good ball club. Today, we came back out and bounced back. Brady gave us a big lift. We played pretty well defensively and got the timely hits we needed. We could have been a little bit better execution wise. Chris Epps homer was big for us and Addison Johnson had a couple hits for us. It was a good game. 

On teaching moments from the weekend:

You have to learn every time you lose. If you let your guard down, things do not always go the way they are supposed to. It is a long season, and consistency is what every coach is looking for. You want to be consistently ready to play and ready to improve your game all the time. Saturday, we just did not improve on Friday’s results. It was tough one to improve on, but we got ourselves into a little bit of a dip. The positive was we got down six, but were able to come back and put ourselves in a position to win.


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