Is T.J. Davis the Next McDaniel?

Is T.J. Davis the Next McDaniel?


Is T.J. Davis the Next McDaniel?


By Ashley Denny.

TCI had a chance to speak with one of the top cornerbacks of the 2012 class, TJ Davis. This 6’0”, 175 pound, Tallahassee native of Godby High School, has ties to Clemson University after watching fellow Godby graduate DeAndre McDaniel have a very successful career at Clemson. TJ discusses how his recruiting process is going with TCI and where Clemson fits into the mix. 

First of all TJ, how is the recruiting process going for you so far?

Its okay, at this point it’s still early and I kind of like it. I’m used to getting a call or two every day from colleges.

Which schools have either offered you or have shown interest in you so far in the recruiting process?

Well I’ve gotten 22 offers so far from every school in the SEC, Clemson, Miami, Florida State, USC, USF, UCF, Oregon and Texas Tech.

Out of all of those schools, which school or schools contact you the most regularly?

I probably hear from LSU the most. But I hear from all of them pretty regularly. Most of them I hear from about once a week or more.

Do you have a leader yet?

Not yet, it’s still early and I’m waiting for a school to pull away from the rest.

Have you taken a visit to Clemson yet? And if not do you plan on visiting?

I have a visit scheduled to Clemson on March 5th, and I’m really excited to get up there and see what it’s like.

Now you go to the same high school that Clemson super star, DeAndre McDaniel went to, and wore the same number; can you talk to me a little bit about what that was like?

Well my freshman year I wore #13 because DeAndre’s #2 jersey was retired after he left. So my sophomore year, I was told that in order to wear the #2 jersey I would have to ask DeAndre if it would be okay with him. He had faith that I would do the jersey justice so he allowed me to take it out of retirement. It felt great to know that a guy like DeAndre who is going to be a top draft pick in April had faith in me from the beginning and knew that I’d be a special player.

Now, besides your tie to Clemson because of DeAndre, is there anything about Clemson that stands out to you?

I really love the defense they run. They are coached to be very aggressive and that’s how I play so I like that a lot about them. All in all, Clemson has a great program.

With Signing Day being earlier this month, how excited are you about next year and signing your own letter of intent?

I’m really excited; my dream of playing football in college is coming true. It’s unreal to me that I’m considered one of the top defensive backs in the country. It just shows though that hard work always pays off.

Coach Jeff Scott is recruiting TJ for the Tigers.  What is TJ hearing from coach Scott?

They say I am a great player.  He tells me I can really help their defense so they are going to come after me hard.



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