Top DB Smith Enjoying the Process

Top DB Smith Enjoying the Process


Top DB Smith Enjoying the Process


By Ashley Denny.

6-0, 165 pound cornerback Geno Smith out of St. Pius X Catholic High school in Atlanta, GA spoke with TCI over the weekend about how the recruiting process is going for him, where Clemson stands among the 22 offers he’s received so far, and what makes him such a desirable prospect. 

First of all Geno, how is the recruiting process going for you so far?

I thought it would be a little stressful but it’s definitely not, it’s actually really fun for me to go and visit these top universities and realize how my hard work has paid off.

How many offers have you received so far and from which schools?

I’ve received 22 offers so far and some of the schools that have offered me are Clemson, South Carolina, Florida, FSU, Alabama, Georgia and Georgia Tech.

Out of all of these schools, which ones contact you the most regularly?

I’d have to say Alabama, Auburn and Florida. But all of the schools that have offered me contact me at least once a week.

Do you have a leader yet?

No not yet, it’s too early in the process for me to tell. I’m still taking visits and my leader will separate itself from the other schools. But as of right now they’re all pretty equal in my mind.

Have you taken a visit to Clemson yet? If not are you planning on taking one in the future?

No I haven’t visited Clemson yet but I definitely plan on attending their Spring Game or maybe some practices.

Is there anything about Clemson that stands out for you?

I’d have to say their entrance. It’s different from any of the other teams and running down that hill in front of 80,000 fans looks really exciting.

What do you think is your strongest quality that has made you such a highly recruited member of the 2012 class?

Well I’m pretty tall and have great speed so that is always something schools look for. Also I’d say that I’m a good student of the game. I always sit and watch film and learn from my mistakes or by watching others play. I know that this will help me later on in my football career. There are still a few things I have to improve on like my upper body strength but that will come with more time in the weight room.



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