Blessed to Be a Rally Cat

Blessed to Be a Rally Cat


Blessed to Be a Rally Cat


By Georgia Anderson.

Things have gotten even busier for the Rally Cats as the semester has progressed.  Practices have become more and more strenuous as our time is stretched over so many things.  We are no longer only focusing on dancing at basketball games, but also other performances such as the Miss Clemson pageant and college prep clinics.  In addition, we are practicing our routine for nationals, continuing normal morning workouts, and of course juggling that thing called school.  While this can all cause added stress and put us on edge, it has also made me realize something: it is so easy to take for granted how privileged I am to be doing all of this.

            As I was sitting down tonight going through my checklist of things to do and stressing about various deadlines, it really hit me how blessed I am.  For instance, our clinic this past weekend was a great success, and it was awesome to see how much these girls look up to us.  Secondly, I could not ask to be on a team with a better group of girls.  We are so much more than a team that just practices and performs together; these girls are my best friends, and each one brings something special and unique to the Rally Cats.  Even those early, early morning workouts are a huge privilege.  We all get frustrated and complain from time to time, but when I reflect on this opportunity, I realize I have absolutely nothing to complain about.  I am doing what I love and representing the school I love.

            That being said, I can’t wait to dance at our second to last home basketball game this Saturday!  It is so hard to believe how fast this semester is flying by, and I hope Little John will be packed for these last two games.  Also, this weekend we will be dancing at the Miss Clemson Pageant where Nicole Smith will be representing the Rally Cats.  I just know she will do an absolutely wonderful job, and I am so excited.  Lastly, we have another clinic this Sunday from 4:00-7:00 pm.  We’ve already got a great crowd signed up, but we would love to have more!  For more information on that, and to order those awesome I love Clemson Rally Cats t-shirts we are selling, check out our spirit squad page on the Clemson Athletics website.



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