The Guillermo Diaries

The Guillermo Diaries


The Guillermo Diaries


By Jay Guillermo.

Clemson verbal commitent Jay Guillermo, the leader of the 2012 class, is doing a diary with  In this edition Jay talks about what he is doing to prepare for his senior season, his plans for another trip to Clemson and much more!

I have been working hard.  I am working to keep my grades up.  I am going to a personal trainer every Tuesday and Thursday.  We have been working on speed and power drills.  I go outside two or three times a week and hit tires with a sledge hammer.  It is like chopping wood.  It gets you breath going.  Today I ran some stairs.

I may try to graduate early.  I talked to my counselor for today.  Right now I have all of my credits.  I just need to take the classes the school requires.

The only concern is that I am only 16.  My mother put me in school early.  I would only be 17 ½ next January.  I am mature mentally, but physically I still have room to grow.

I am going to talk it over with coach Brooks to see what he thinks.

I have been talking with Oliver Jones and some of the other guys.  I have been talking with some of the guys on Facebook.  I have been telling them Clemson is a good place and they should check it out if they aren’t already.

I am going back over to Clemson on March 5 for Junior Day.

School is going good.  I am trying to make sure I keep my grades up.  That is what it is all about.  If you don’t have the academics you don’t have football.  My grandfather coached for 36 years and he calls me almost every day.  His first question is always how am I doing in school.



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