TCITV: Brownell Press Conference

TCITV: Brownell Press Conference


TCITV: Brownell Press Conference


Clemson head coach Brad Brownell met with the media following the victory over Wake Forest.

Coach Brownell talked about how his team has progressed on the defensive this season.

“It was hard because you’re not only teaching defense,  but your teaching offense and defense.  It’s not like I’m just the defensive coordinator, so when they come to me I’m not just talking to them about defense.  I’m talking about movement offense, zone-defense, man-offense, and out of bounds plays.  I’m teaching so many different things.  I think they understood that I wanted them to play defense, but we were also talking about different stuff.  The media was  kind of preoccupied with motion offense so I was the one pointing out that if you look at how I manage this team, and my teams in the past, I try and coach hard on defense,” said Brownell.

Demontez Stitt played well according to coach Brownell.

“He had a very good game; I thought he was very unselfish in this game.  In games like this when you are able to get a 12 or 14 point lead, players who play a lot sometimes take some  ill-advised shots just to get some extra points.  But I thought tonight he was very unselfish; he passed up some shots and he was really looking to get other guys the ball,” said Stitt.

Watch coach Brownell discuss the victory over Wake, playing Duke on senior day and much more on TCITV:



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