March Madness Begins

March Madness Begins


March Madness Begins


By Nicole Smith.

Even though things seem to be coming to an end with the last Clemson basketball home game this Saturday, things are really just starting to pick up pace for us Rally Cats! There are plenty of things that we are looking forward to within these next two months of school; we just hope time doesn’t pass too quickly.

                Our senior Rally Cats and captains have done so much for this team in the past 7 months and no one wants to see them leave. Erin Ledford and Kelly Walker are not only amazing teammates and captains, but they are also two of our best friends, and the team, as a whole, will be so sad when we have to say goodbye to such valuable members of our close knit team. This Saturday, March 5th, the Tigers will take on Virginia Tech. During this game they will honor the senior Basketball players, Cheerleaders and Rally Cats as they enjoy there last home basketball game in LittleJohn Coliseum.

                Looking forward as a team, we have a very busy week day schedule and weekend schedule that lies ahead. Next Thursday, six Rally Cats will leave with six cheerleaders to travel to the Men’s ACC Tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina, to cheer on our Tigers as they try to make it as far as they can in this event. Upon returning from this tournament, our practices will be focused on our national’s routine. This routine is like nothing we have ever done before, the speed, the technique, the skills, are all a challenge for us as a team, but is our team goal to make it perfect in the next five weeks so we can nail it when we go to Daytona.

                For some of the team, spring break plans may be put on hold as we await the announcement of when and where the basketball team will be going for their final tournament. Six of us Rally Cats will also travel to this event as well. The NIT and NCAA tournaments will most likely fall upon Clemson’s spring break week. All of the team realizes, though, what an honor it is to be able to travel with the basketball team to such events, so it does not bother us one bit that we could be possibly spending spring break together as we cheer on our Tigers!

                As the semester speeds by, we all try to stay focused and get all of our school work accomplished while staying on top of our fitness, dance skills and health. The Rally Cats look forward to this weekend, and we look forward to ending this semester with success and pride as individuals and as a team.




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