Players View of South Carolina Rivalry

Players View of South Carolina Rivalry


Players View of South Carolina Rivalry


By Trey McCurry.

With the big series with South Carolina looming this weekend, TheClemsonInsider,com decided to see what the views on the series from two seniors and two freshmen. TCI spoke with seniors Jeff Schaus and Justin Sarratt as well as freshmen Steve Wilkerson and Kevin Pohle to get their thoughts on the series.  

Senior Jeff Schaus:

It is always exciting. It is a fun series to be apart of because the fans are so involved and it means so much to the state. I like the current format with the winner-take-all type series. Someone has to win two of three games and it is better than splitting the four game series like has happened in the past. The atmosphere is one thing that really sticks out to me. It is always fun to play in an atmosphere like that. It is an Omaha-like crowd for all three games. 

Freshman Steve Wilkerson:

I’ve heard it is pretty wild and intense. All the upperclassmen talk about how it is one of the more exciting series of the year. I’m excited to play in Columbia, Greenville, and then back at home.  I like the current format a lot. It is cool to have a neutral site and then a game at each place. It makes the series as fair as possible. I am looking forward to being able to compete in the series. I love hostile environments and it will exciting to go to Columbia on Friday. The overall excitement and intensity of the games is something to look forward to. 

Senior Justin Sarratt:

It really has had the same significance every year. Growing up here, it is a huge rivalry. We have been around it our whole lives and grew up in the rivalry. We just have to go play these three games as hard as we can. I like the current format. We get to go down to Columbia, play at Fluor Field in Greenville and then play here. It is fair and you decide a true winner with only three games. No on particular thing sticks out to me about the series, everything is important. We just need to play good and have a good weekend. 

Freshman Kevin Pohle:

I know that it is a huge rivalry.  There is a little tension this year with the way things ended in Omaha last season. There is a great tradition between the teams and the series is a big part of our year. The current setup for the games is great. It is good to give everyone a chance to play in three different venues around the state. The one thing I am looking forward to is the atmosphere this weekend. It will be fun getting on the road for the first big road game and seeing their crowd. I am also looking forward to seeing the atmosphere here at home when they visit.



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