Fancy Footwork for Boyd

Fancy Footwork for Boyd


Fancy Footwork for Boyd


By Gray Gardner.

Starting quarterback Tajh Boyd was pleased with his team’s performance in their scrimmage last Saturday. 

“I think communication went well,” Boyd said. “We might have had two or three penalties, not much for our first scrimmage all spring. The receivers made some great plays, the line did an outstanding job, I feel like I ran the ball decently. We did a lot of good things.” 

Despite the performance, Boyd knows there is more work to be done.

 “I went back and watched the film, and we’re a long ways away,” Boyd said. “But for our first scrimmage it went pretty well. We’ve got another one Wednesday so we’ve got to get out here and just keep working before spring break.” 

Boyd has spent an increasing amount of time on his footwork this offseason, after offensive coordinator Chad Morris told him that he needed to improve – something Boyd had never been told before. 

“I was kind of like, ‘Wow,’” Boyd said. “Even on the little things like a zone read – I never thought I’d have to work on my zone read steps – but the way we do things are different.” 

Boyd said that Morris has implemented a lot of ladder drills and drop-back drills and things of that nature. With the team breaking next week for the school’s designated spring break, Morris expects Boyd to work on his own. But Boyd understands the importance of the drills.

 “I think footwork is one of the biggest things you need to control as an offense, just because there’s so much movement,” Boyd said. “You all have to have your feet work together just to make sure everything falls through.”

 One thing is certain – Boyd expects to be running the ball next fall.


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