Tuesday Postgame Quotes

Tuesday Postgame Quotes


Tuesday Postgame Quotes


Following Clemson’s 70-52 victory over UAB Jerai Grant and coach Brownell spoke courtside.

Q.  22 points, a career high for you.  You’ve been in the tournament the last four years.  You finally get the win and advance to the second round.  What does it mean?

JERAI GRANT:  It means a lot.  Being in this tournament, first of all, getting that first win, it’s critical to the rest of the program.  I feel privileged.  It’s not that much more. 

Q.  What can you say about this execution of the team from start to finish, no panicking whatsoever and just getting it done on both sides of the ball?

COACH BROWNELL:  Part of the way our guys competed, short notice, quick preparation, a team you don’t know very well.  I thought our attention to detail was very good, and certainly we tried to get the ball inside a lot in the game, and Jerai was a big part of it. 

Q.  Speaking of quick turnarounds, now you have to face West Virginia.  Not much time to prepare for them.  What are your thoughts?

COACH BROWNELL:  It will be difficult.  But we’re glad to be in the tournament and glad to have this opportunity to advance and play a very good West Virginia team.

Coach Huggins does a phenomenal job.  We know we’re going to have to play really well.  They’re very physical and strong.  It won’t be as easy to score inside.



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