TCI Dancing with the Tigers - Day 2

TCI Dancing with the Tigers - Day 2


TCI Dancing with the Tigers - Day 2


For the fourth year in a row the Tigers are dancing and of course so is  As we follow the Tigers we will bring you a daily blog of our trip to help give everyone a feel for TCI March Madness.

The days don’t get much longer than day two following the Tigers.  After finishing up postgame in Dayton I hit the road to get in a little bit of the long drive to Tampa that night.  Left the arena in Dayton around 1:00 and made it to just north of Lexington, KY around 2:30.

Checked is a dive of a Days Inn and got to sleep around 3 AM.  My wireless hotspot didn’t work in that hotel so spent a little time trying to get video uploaded, but no success. 

Alarm went off at 6 AM and quickly got on the road by around 6:15. I was glad to find the car in one piece when I went out in the morning.

 I drove down I-75 about 30 minutes until I found a good place for the wireless hotspot.  Hit up McDonalds and put up some video which took around 30 to 45 minute.

Then it was “on the road again”.  As I drove south it warmed up of course.  Made it to Atlanta for lunch around 1.  Learned that Subway is not fast food on that stop.

Made it to Tampa around 7  PM and grabbed some IHOP.  Wonder how many pounds I’ve put on so far on this trip.

According to Mapquest the trip from Dayton to Tampa was over 15 hours, but was able to make it in about 13. 

When I got to Tampa all of the hotels were booked for miles so I went online at the IHOP to find something.  Finally ended up  staying at the Marriott on the Harbor right next to the St. Pete Times Forum.  Of course that ended up being the media hotel so I could have saved some cash if I had just signed up for that in the first place.

Made the mistake of listening to the Tigers play the Blue Hose from the hotel then  it was time to crash.

Wednesday was a very long day as you can tell, the good news is I don’t have to play today.  The travel was easier for the team that left right after the game and flew down, but make no mistake the NCAA didn’t do Clemson any favors.


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