Blanks Heading Back to Clemson

Blanks Heading Back to Clemson


Blanks Heading Back to Clemson


By Ashley Denny.

Since TCI has spoken to Travis Blanks, one of the top athletes in the country for the 2012 recruiting class has received about 12 or 13 more offers to add onto the 20 that he already had when we first spoke. This 6-1, 180 pounder out of Tallahassee, FL spoke with TCI about how his recruiting process is going so far and what impressed him about Clemson when he visited in January.

First of all Travis, since we last spoke how is the recruiting process going for you so far?

Same old, same old. I’m on the phone probably every day with different coaches and get a lot of mail outs also.

So Travis, you’ve received 12 more offers since we’ve last spoke, who has offered you?

Well a few of the new schools that have offered me are Stanford, USC and Nebraska, but there are several others I just don’t remember all of them right now.

Have you taken any other official visits since your trip to Clemson in January?

No I haven’t, however I’m planning on starting to visit schools very soon.

What is it about Clemson that you liked the most when you visited on Junior Day?

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Clemson. It’s a smaller town, and a medium sized school and I really like the “family” mentality that Clemson’s coaches and administrators get the students and athletes to believe in.

Are you planning on visiting Clemson again in the near future, either for a Spring practice or during the summer?

I’m planning on visiting Clemson the weekend of April 2nd, which is coming up very soon and I’m really excited about making the trip back up there.

What do you think your strongest quality is on the football field that makes you such a desirable recruit?

Football just comes easy to me; I watch film and study the game a lot but I feel confident that I know what I’m doing on the field. I feel like I’m a leader both on and off the field which is something that coaches look for in a player.



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