Morris Keeping it Fun

Morris Keeping it Fun


Morris Keeping it Fun


By Ashley Denny.

When TCI caught up with Clemson’s first year Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris after Wednesday’s full scrimmage, Morris was nothing but smiles after watching an impressive performance by his offense.

“Last Saturday we had a half scrimmage which was very productive,” Morris said. “I challenged them on Monday because we didn’t have the intensity that I wanted and today they really responded. I’m pleased with how our guys responded today; we did a lot of good things.”

Morris is very excited going into Spring Break with where his offense is at, however he’s warned them that he is going to continue to push them hard when they return from break so that they’ll reach their full potential and continue to learn the new offense.

“Through seven practices and one and a half scrimmages I’m very excited about where we’re at” Morris said. “We’ve had several big plays, footballs down the field, good runs; we’ve done some good things however we’re still having some mental errors with kids thinking too much so we’ve got to eliminate some of that.”

As for who’s caught Morris’s eye today in the scrimmage?

“It wasn’t that just one guy that caught my eye today,” Morris said. “There were several guys, Nuke, Jaron Brown, the running backs, they’re all showing promise. But they’re also showing me that when I pressure them harder that they’re capable of making some mistakes. They all stood out at times and all stunk at times.”

What Morris is really impressed with is if the offense will withstand the pressure that he’s putting on them during practice, the game will be nothing because he has been pressuring them hard and they have been going up against a pretty good defense. He hopes that his kids will come out of Spring Practice with some confidence.

So far the Tigers have implanted two running plays with different variations into their new system and eight to ten different concepts for passing plays.

“I have a whole lot more that’s got to go in before the end of spring,” Morris said. “But I’m not going to teach them those plays until they master what they are doing now, but I really like the tempo that they’re playing with.”

One player that Morris couldn’t be prouder of was tight end Dwayne Allen.

“Dwayne Allen is one of those guys that I’ll be able to use in different play situations,” Morris said. “He’s a kid that we want to put on the field and I’ll say I’ll see you in between series and at half time, you don’t need to come off the field. He’s a playmaker and he’s making plays and it’s going to be hard to keep him off the field.”

The biggest thing that Morris wants to make sure of during practice is that the players are having fun.

“These players are pushing each other to get better but are having fun while doing so.” Morris said. “It doesn’t matter what we run, if they believe in me, believe in what we’re doing and buy into having fun, all of this stuff will come together.”

Morris said that it has to start with him and he’s a very wound up guy.

“If they see that I’m having fun, and I am I’m having a blast then they’ll start to have fun,” Morris said. “Now I’m going to coach your tail and get right in the middle of you but it’s nothing personal and they see that. But when they do well I pat them on the back, when they step off the field they’re the best in the country and that’s the attitude that we want to present.”

Morris hopes that his offense will continue to buy into his new system and believe in him. He knows that if the offense will continue to feed off of him and develop his personality it will only lead to them becoming more successful.



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