Coaches Corner: Lawson, Williams

Coaches Corner: Lawson, Williams


Coaches Corner: Lawson, Williams


By Keith McGonigle.

Coach Randy Robinson from D.W. Daniel High School weighs in on 2011 Tiger DeShawn Williams and 2012 verbal commit Shaq Lawson. 

How long have you been coaching/who is the best player(s) you have ever seen and coached?

Coach Robinson: I have been head coach at Daniel for 5 years and been coaching since 89.  I guess DeShawn Willians and DeAndre Hopkins come to mind.  They are pretty special players.  Shaq has a chance to be that type of guy, he is still developing and needs a great offseason.

 What is Shaq’s Height/Weight/40 time?

Coach Robinson: He is 6’3” 245 pounds; I clocked him at a 4.68 a week ago. 
What are their strengths?

Coach Robinson: Shaq has great explosiveness and long arms which makes for a great defense end.

DeShawn is incredibly strong for his size, he has a great bench, squat and clean.  He also has quick feet and is a very complete player.  He is the best defensive lineman technique –wise that we have produced . 
What does he need to continue to improve on?

Coach Robinson: Shaq needs to work on physical strength.  He hasn’t been able to focus on it so far because of basketball and taking care of academics.

Sky’s limit for DeShawn, he has all the tools.
What play/game or game did Shaq make that made you realize he could be a division 1 player?

Coach Robinson: We thought all along that he had the talent.  But what sticks out was the Pendelton game when he tackled and striped a guy, then picked the ball up and ran it for a touchdown.  On the next series we blocked a punt and he picked it up and ran it for a touchdown. Two touchdowns in 2 minute span, it was pretty special.
What type of person are they off the field?

Coach Robinson: Shaq is the funniest guy you will ever meet.  He could be a comedian.  It’s hard to get him serious at times, but when he is playing he gets serious.

DeShawn is much more laid back and quiet.

What positions does Shaq play for you?

Coach Robinson: We put him some at tight end and receiver.  We also put him inside so teams don’t run away from him.  We will put him at a bunch of different places this year to prevent people from running away.

What position do you think Shaq will play at the college level?

Coach Robinson: I’m pretty sure he’ll stay at defensive end, but I’m not saying he couldn’t play linebacker.

How do you project him at the college level?

Coach Robinson: DeShawn is fortunate that Clemson has a few guys in the middle leaving right now and are looking for depth.  I think he has a chance to help out immediately.

I don’t know what the depth will be like at defensive end, but I think Shaq could come in and help out in his first year.

 How solid is Shaq’s commitment?

Coach Robinson: I think he’s pretty solid.  He got offers from Tennessee, Maryland and ECU all within 48 hours and stuck with Clemson so I think he is pretty solid.

Who is another player that you would compare them to?

I think Shaq can be a Jarvis Jenkins like player.  He is an untapped commodity, the sky is the limit for him.  DeShawn is more of a complete player he is polished, he is already a dominate guy.



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