Crunch Time for Rally Cats

Crunch Time for Rally Cats


Crunch Time for Rally Cats


By Georgia Anderson.

One would think things are winding down with basketball season coming to an end, but the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for the Rally Cats.  Six girls traveled to Greensboro, NC, for the ACC tournament two weeks ago, and four of those girls hopped on a plane just a day later as six of us joined the basketball team on their NCAA journey.  It was such an exciting trip, and we were all so proud of how hard the team worked.  They may not have come home with a win in Tampa, but I can assure you there wasn’t a second of that game that I sat still.  They fought until the end, and I could not be prouder to say I dance for our Clemson Tigers.

            While flying to Ohio and Tampa, missing classes, and spending a week with my best friends was a blast, we will have double the work as soon as we return from spring break.  The rest of the Rally Cats were not enjoying free time back in Clemson during our absence, but were practicing daily for our upcoming trip to Daytona.  With nationals being less than two weeks away, it is crucial that we make every practice we have left more productive than ever.  This will start Sunday, as we are all getting back to Clemson early for extra practice.

            This will be my first experience participating in NDA with the Rally Cats, and it will be a learning experience I’m sure.  We haven’t had as much time to prepare as we may have liked, but with such a hardworking group of girls there’s no doubt in my mind that we will pull through.  It may not happen until our last practice before departing, but you can bet that we will get our routine clean and performance ready before we hit that stage in Florida.  We will also be having an exhibition performance before we leave, so stay tuned for more information on that.  We would love to have a big crowd come to see our routine before we compete in Daytona!

            Lastly, don’t forget we are still selling t-shirts and accepting donations.  We appreciate all the support and will undoubtedly make Clemson proud in Florida!



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