Hopkins: "I love it"

Hopkins: "I love it"


Hopkins: "I love it"


TheClemsonInsider.com went one-on-one with Nuke Hopkins following Monday’s practice.

DeAndre didn’t go far for spring break.

“I went about five miles down the road and got some good home cooking,” said Hopkins.

The two-sport standout wished he could have played in the NCAA Tourney with the Tigers.

“I do.  I was with them in spirit.  I told them good luck before the game and I thanked the coaches for letting me be out there and have the experience that I did,” said Hopkins.

How does DeAndre like the new offense?

“I love it man.  I wouldn’t ask for a better offense to come in after coach Napier leaving.  The offense is explosive.  It is a great offense.  Everybody is on track.  Everybody knows the goal that we are heading towards,” said Hopkins.

DeAndre and Tajh have quickly built a strong comradary.

“Me and Tajh have a great chemistry.  You are just going to have to wait until the season starts to see what a great chemistry we have built,” said Hopkins.

Watch Nuke discuss the new offense, his relationship with Tajh, spring break, the younger receivers and much more on TCITV?



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