Coaches Corner: Bullard, Ledbetter

Coaches Corner: Bullard, Ledbetter


Coaches Corner: Bullard, Ledbetter


By Keith McGonigle.

Head C0ach Mark Barnes  of Crest High School (NC), is fortunate enough to have two standout defensive players with multiple scholarship offers in, S Rhaheim Ledbetter and DE Jonathan Bullard.

Height/Weight/40 time?

Jonathan Bullard – 6’4” 245 lbs. runs the 40 in 4.7-4.75 range

Rhaheim Ledbetter – 5’11” 195-200 lbs. more a 4.55 guy.

What are their strengths?

Rhaheim is as physical of a safety, as I’ve ever coached.  He enjoys the contact separating people from the ball.  He is not like most safeties that do not like to come up and make plays in the run game.  He is a great tackler and is like another linebacker on the field.

Jonathan is freaky athletic for a defensive lineman.  He is a heady player that is physical; he has great change of directions. 

What do they need to continue to improve on?

Both of them are working on getting stronger, faster and getting better hip flexibility.   The better the hip flexibility, the more athletic they can be.  I think skill wise they have it.  They are both highly skilled motivated guys.  They just need to fine tune their play and get faster, stronger, and more athletic.

What play/game or game did they make that made you realize they could be division 1 players?

I knew that both of them were good enough right when I got here.  It didn’t take a game we knew they were going to be highly skilled.

What type of person are they off the field?

Good young men.  I think they do a great job of representing the community and the football team.   You often see a lot of off-the-field problems with players today, but they don’t have any of that.  Both need to continue to work academically.

What positions do they play for you?

Jonathan plays defensive end and tight end.  He could carry enough wait to go inside, but he is more of a DE because of his athleticism.

Rhaheim plays Free Safety and some tailback.

How do you project them at the college level?

I’ve always said if you come in and play early at a school, then you are probably not at a great school.  There is a big adjustment to the speed, weight room, playbook, academics etc.  I think they are going to have to go in and earn their time. I guess it just depends on what school they go to though.

How many offers do they have?

I know they have a bunch most of ACC and most SEC schools.  My advice to them was not to try and get 100 offers, but to show interest in schools that they would actually consider going to.

Which teams/coaches are recruiting him the hardest right now?

I try to give players information that they need, then stay out it.  So I am not sure who has been in contact with them the most.
What school/offense do you see him fitting in best?

I think both of them can play really in any system.

Rhaheim could play in a system where he rolls down and plays a linebacker role at times, or he could be a typical safety.

Jonathan could play in a four down front or be a 3-4 guy.

I think they are very versatile and could play in different systems.  I don’t think they have limitations, they are not system guys.

What are Clemson’s chances of getting him?

Clemson was early on both guys and it is close to home.   I think that helps them but that’s pure speculation I let them control that stuff.



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